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    Benifits of Hydrogas/Torsion bar


    Benifits of Hydrogas/Torsion bar

    Post  2ndTankie on Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:36 pm

    Torsion bar suspension was first introduced in vehicles by Citreon in 1934. Having seen the benefits of this unique and simple design tank manufactures during WW2 incorporated the system and its efficiency was proven, Becoming the first choice for Tanks from around the late 40's into 50's such as the American M48.

    As you know the Challenger 2 and Leclerc use Hydrogas suspension which provides a far more stable gun platform X-Country. We can all see the evolution of complex fire control systems and laser rangefinders in today's tanks yet why hasn't the primitive torsion bar been fazed out?

    Re: Benifits of Hydrogas/Torsion bar

    Post  M1A2AbramsSEP on Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:32 pm

    The M1A2 really does need to upgrade its suspension. with the new LV100-5 and Hydrogas suspension the A2 would defiantly have some of the best mobility in the world. I mean it can hit 30MPH already with the torison bar and maybe with the new suspension they could ungovern the tank. then it would also be the fastest tank on the road and possibly over x-country terrain except for Leopard 2. Not to mention T.U.S.K packages add about 10 tons to the tank so you can see how much its being overtaxed.

    Re: Benifits of Hydrogas/Torsion bar

    Post  2ndTankie on Sun Mar 08, 2009 5:41 am

    Yeah what some people dont realise is that the tanks today are heavily governed. ie. the Challenger 2's engine is electronicly limited to 3200RPM this granted sounds like its screaming but imagine what a 26 litre V12 twin turbo engine could really produce given the funding. Also the CR2 is limited by its tracks, imagine whatever speed the vehicle is moving the tracks at the top run are travveling twice as fast, And for a track weighting 2 tonnes each thats not bad going.

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    Re: Benifits of Hydrogas/Torsion bar

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