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    XK-2 / K-2

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    Post  takedownroddy on Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:41 pm

    Hey guys, I have just been looking at some vids of that new South Korean tank XK-2 ("Black Panther") and I was wondering what the consensus was on them? At 55 tonnes its quite a bit lighter than Leopard/Chall2/Abrams and it looks a little smaller as well. I read up on it on Daves page but I was just after an opinion on it- good/bad? It certainly looks the business.

    XK-2 / K-2 Empty Re: XK-2 / K-2

    Post  2ndTankie on Sun Mar 08, 2009 5:46 am

    It certainly looks good on paper and has lots of trickery ie, Pneumatic suspension to enable a higher elevation rate on the gun, Needed when fighting in mountainous terrain.

    What i beleive to be a bit sneaky is the weight of the tank. At 55T i think its not the combat weight... think about the armour....Its modular design means you can bolt/slot on the required packs hence its low weight, I believe this to be the same as the LeClerc meaning the stats for mobility may be wrong. king queen

    All in all, I think Good tank... Alot of money and design been put into it however without the years and years of Tank design history and little or no combat experience..

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